In The Lives of Goldfish

         (Feature Film)

Tagline: We.Are.The.End.

Genre: Gritty Psychological Drama


Budget: 500k - 1mil


Synopsis: A former security guard turned convicted felon, with "disassociative amnesia", is released home to the aftermath of his actions and it effects on a small town, as he tries to piece together memories of what happened.


Comparison: “’Our Town"  for amnesiacs.


Stage: Development

Dreams Of the Youth

         (Feature Film)

Tagline: Get good with god.

Genre:  Surreal/Dark Coming of Age,  Family  Drama


Budget: 500k - 1mil


Synopsis:  Five alienated teens try to wrench their lives and their  “coming of age” free from the maelstrom of their capsizing families, as they shatter against a cataclysm of secrets amidst the backdrop of the Seattle Grunge Scene and parallelling the chaotic world events of 1991.


Comparisons: A "Breakfast Club" for orphaned hearts at the end of a world.


A high speed, head-on collision of the religious horrors and coming-of-age questions of Ingmar Bergman and John Hughes with touches of Edward Albee’s magical surreality and Scorsese’s sparkling rage sprinkled over the mangled remains.


Stage: Early Financing

A Portrait of a Grassy Hill

                  (TV Pilot)

Tagline: Always the Left. Only the Left.

Genre: Violent Crime Thriller/ Period Piece


Budget: 150k-200k


Synopsis:  A meek, black Shipyard owner enlists an exiled IRA operative turned “serial mercenary” to help defend his business and avenge his family amidst a deadly siege of assaults in 1920s Boston.


Comparisons: Peaky Blinders meets Dexter.


Stage: Early Financing

  Para La Paz (for peace...)

              (Feature Film)

Tagline: The Future Welcomes You.

Genre: Sci-Fi "Neo-Noir" urban odyssey, cloaked as a nightmarish political/psychological thriller, with touches of stylized 80's retro punk cinema


Budget: 3m


Synopsis: In a theoretical near future, a mysterious space shuttle launch marks the economic union and opening of borders between Mexico and the United States, to avoid a mutual financial collapse. Over the course of one night, the lives of seven people, serendipitously and intricately intertwined, are irreversibly changed forever.


Comparisons:  “Blade Runner has a drug fueled orgy with After Hours, Traffic, and L.A. Confidential to a mix CD of Vangelis and Goblin, while The Warriors videotape the whole thing.”


Stage: Financing  (it has received developmental financing!) 


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