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Private Acting Coaching and Classes.    Without Equal.     Anywhere.

Acting Coaching

Acting Coaching

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Many students report booking on average 20% or more ROLES (not "background" work)  

       (after a few classes of "in curriculum" study or specialized coaching sessions)!

Alessio Cappelletti The Date filmmaking Actors Camera Directing Lights Cinematography

Alessio's former students have gone on to secure Agents, Managers, and nail "lead" auditions, he's coached, for projects that have gotten press by prestigious periodicals such as "Variety"!

Guided by a working, award winning Director who's dedicated his life to the study and mastering of every functional acting technique in the world! He has won awards for training and directing actors on screen who had never acted before!

What's Offered

1 to 4 hours intensive of just Alessio and you OR you, Alessio, and your scene partner. (never any more actors in one session than is requested, so attention is individualized and hence the actor can progress faster).

(For Coaching) A pre-planned Coaching session based on Script, audition sides, and/or pre discussed areas that said actor wants to focus on. This can also include Alessio speaking ahead of time with the director of an actor's current project to discuss expectations and to understand the director's vocabulary/ process; to help translate it to the actor's process and training.

(For Alessio's "In Curriculum" 2 Semester "blocks" of Acting Classes) 


They contain a mixture of:


*scene work

script analysis

*historical lecture (for each Acting technique being taught) 

business advisement

*nutritional and physical training guidance

*as well time management coaching

and cover everything from:


*sensory work

*Varying kinds of script analysis

*Countless differing ways to emotionally prep and to prep for the character
*Building the character psychologically

*varying ways to create chaacter physicallity and refine externalizing emotion
*Blocking as a visual-emotional aesthetic

*Costuming as a visual-emotional aesthetic

*Varying ways to do substitutions



*Prop endowment

*Mask work

*Vocal Characterization

*Experience and expression of the 5 Major Emotional Groups in their "Low Stakes" form (Anger, Sadness, Joy, Worry) and then in their "High Stakes" form (Rage, Devastation, Exuberance, Terror)
*Character Immersion

Accompanying lecture notes Alessio has typed up for each block and class within each block. These lecture notes are compiled from various sources on the Acting Technique they pertain to; this includes practical exercises, critical analysis and so much more. By the end of two semesters of study Actors will have in their possession an 250+ PAGE BOOK of lecture notes on EVERY FUNCTIONAL ACTING TECHNIQUE IN THE WORLD.

Differing specialized 20 min. vocal and physical warmups (based on the actor's needs and the acting technique being taught). This can be customized and built in collaboration with an actor's physical therapist, if necessary. Alessio has a wealth of experience working with actors with various extensive physical conditions.

Recommended reading for each block of classes/ Acting Technique being taught.

And So Much More!

Assigned weekly homework.

 Alessio's own personal "EVAL" to know your physical, vocal, mental make-up. This has garnered Alessio the nickname "The Doctor" because of his ability to discover physical conditions and ailments before medical specialists do. This helps Alessio to target weak spots and potential emotional blocks in the actor and to tailor/ streamline his teaching to the actor; effectively speeding up their progress.

Every acting technique is taught in its purest form (so Alessio doesn't water it down or synthesize it). After a month of studying each technique with Alessio, his actors are generally as good as the students coming out of a year worth of study at each Acting Conservatory that represents said technique.

"I've been taking classes with Alessio once a week for about three months now. His program for training actors is easily the most personalized, concise, educational, and efficient in New England. Each four hour class consists of lecture notes, reviewing homework, scene work, feedback, and a variety of different exercises for you and your scene partner. The sheer depth of knowledge and skill sets you can acquire here is not to be overlooked. I drive three hours for class each way, and it's worth it every time."


-Evan Clinton

(drives 3 hours each way for a four hour acting class... 10 hours total, WEEKLY, for his passion for Alessio' Program)

A program that accepted applicants by "referall only", until now.

Dennis Hunda Sensory Work Stella Adler Actors Acting Acting Coachin Film Filmmaking

 2 Semester Curriculum

An Elite and Prestigious competitor and alternative to conservatory training for Actors and Directors!

Semester 1 (Stanislavsky Techniques and offshoots).

(Focus: Internal work -Emotional Prep and Psychology- "Inside/ Out")


*Block 1: Boleslavsky (Acting Foundations and Introduction to Script Analysis) (6 classes) (4 hours each class)

*Block 1b: Auditioning (2 Classes) (4 hours each)

*Block 2: Stella Adler Technique  (6 classes) (4 hours each class)

*Block 3: Meisner Technique (6 classes ) (4 hours each class)

*Block 4: Strasberg Technique (6 classes) (4 hours each class)

*Block 4b: Monologues (1-2 classes) (4 hours each)

*Block 5: Chekhov Technique (4-6 classes) (4 hours each class)

(*Introduction of "Outside/In"- the bridge to Semester 2)

Semester 2 (International Techniques)

(Focus: External Work- Physical and Vocal Acting Techniques- "Outside/In")
(Full "character immersion") 

*Block 6: Alexander Technique  (Australia) (6 classes) (4 hours each class)

*Block 7: Suzuki Technique (Japan) (6 classes) (4 hours each class)


*Block 8: Laban Technique (Austria) (6 classes) (4 hours each class)

*Block 9: Viewpoints (United States) (6 classes) (4 hours each class)

*Block 10: Lecoq (France) (6 classes) (4 hours each class)


*Block 11: Vocal Characterization (Various Sources)/ Five level Acting 
                Integration Block (
6 classes) (4 hours each class)

Customized to meet your schedule!

Tailored to your personal make-up!

Broken Crayons Brendan Uegama Actors Filmmaking Camera Film

"I took a one evening character coaching class and I knew this was the real thing. The serious thing. The thing you do if you want to challenge yourself as an actor. The full on classes are something I'll definitely do, and the intensity is...daunting, and AMAZING. You get the feeling that Alessio is older than his actual years because he is so wise, educated and insistent upon drawing the best out of you. A must-do for the serious actor."


-Rosemary Pacheco

investment and discounts

*$65 an hour (In person or via Video Chat!) Bring in a partner and get $10 off each. Bring up to four people and get $30 off each! Need criticism on your audition tape or reel?  Send it over, same rates apply!


*$135 per class/ coaching session (4 hours each).

 If one brings in a partner they get a discount- 

 immediately I give a $75 discount and you each individually pay
$465 total for the first four classes in each block (rather than each
of you paying $540 for the first four classes in each block). 


If you refer a third person to take a class of mine (while you and
your partner are working together in class with me, separately)
and the third person pays for four classes- then you get each
block of four classes for $390 Total (rather than $465 total for
each block of four classes) as long as that third person you
referred and your chosen partner that you brought in, stay.

Note: Your partner, unless they bring in a third person who wants to also pay for classes, will remain at $465 total for four classes, while you would be at $390 for referring two paying people (one being your partner who you brought in).

Once your partner or the other person you refer, leaves- the price starts to climb back up to my standard fee by the amount of money I discounted for said person. (ex. The third person your refer leaves- You go from paying $390 to $465. Your partner leaves, on top of that, and I have to find you a new partner- you go from paying $465 to $540 for four classes) So essentially as long as you bring in a partner or recommend people and they pay for classes, you can get big discounts.


Now lets say you, your partner, and the third person you
recommended to study with me, stays: For every subsequent
person you recommended (as long as everyone you brought in,
or recommended, stays studying with me) you get $75 dollars
taken off your classes till your are studying with me for FREE!


Now here’s where it gets interesting- For those
who aren’t studying with me or those who are but
recommended so many people that they are now studying
with me for FREE: for every person you recommend who
studies with me for their first four classes, at the end of
those first four classes- I will give you a one time, non
recurring $75 back for said person you referred. 

This goes for people in state and out of state- considering I have students from Cape Cod, New Hampshire, all over Massachusetts, and New York.

Additional classes on top of the 4 class block (most blocks require five or six classes)- I charge $85 per person for each additional class needed to complete the present block, rather than the full price of $135 per class. (this never changes no matter the discount level) 

"I learned so much in just one session. Alessio is an amazing acting teacher; thorough, pushes you, is patient, and digs really deep to get the best out of his students. He has virtually infinite knowledge on acting techniques. I feel honored to be his student. His guidance has helped me grow as an actor, and I am so grateful he has helped me on challenging projects I needed guidance on."

- Jamie Crowley

Alessio Cappelletti directing filmmaking script acting coach Acting Training

Additional Services

Alessio has also a wealth of training and experience in accent reduction, as well as being a popular "by-word-of-mouth" private entertainment business advisor and liaison between Investors and Producers, Actors and Agents with a focus on contract "Red Lining" and strategic negotiating; having years of experience in creating companies, working with state tax credits, hiring crew, dealing with lawyers and the ins and out of the various stages of investment and revenue from film productions.





From Your Fellow  Peers

"I know it's tough to judge the sincerity of reviews written by people you've never met but I feel so compelled to share that Alessio is amazing as a coach and mentor for so many reasons. He will not let you settle. He calls you out on your sh-t. Oh yeah we all have some and you know it. But his absolute breadth of knowledge on so many different methods /approaches to becoming the best actor you can is just plain incredible. He will become your new standard for not settling any more for sub par training. He sits on the floor as you do scene work because of his humility and gives his full attention to you every single class. But only sign up when you are really ready to commit yourself to being open and ready to grow and do the work. "

-Marty Smith

lights cinematography filmmaking directing Alessio Cappelletti

"Started with Alessio in April 2017 and it has since been a riveting experience on my journey to become a serious actor. I took some acting classes in Stanislavski back when I was in college, but much of them were not put into use due to my work schedule. His private sessions work great for me as the high degree of flexibility helps me navigate between shoots and day job. Not only does Alessio put in thought and effort into every session and the overall series, he is also a mentor who offers advice and suggestions on how I could further accelerate my acting career and my craft. Despite his chill and jovial demeanor, he will get serious if you don't."

-To Ting Lik

Lighting Directing Filmmaking Lights

"I now view acting in a completely different way since studying with him. In a much better way. So much of what he teaches makes sense and is aimed to get the most out of your work. It forces you to be tougher on yourself, but in a good way. He teaches you all the most relevant methods, through notes, exercises, homework, and reading. His notes help break down the methods so they are more understandable and hit home more. Do the work and you WILL get results. Really good ones."


-Mary Ferrara

Alessio Cappelletti Brendan Uegama Cinematography Filmmaking Directing

"Though I only studied with Alessio Cappelletti for a few short months, due to uncontrollable circumstances, I learned so much from him and all his teachings have been applied and continue to be applied in my everyday acting. His sessions based on two students work because he is able to give you undivided attention, which you don’t get in classes of five, seven or fifteen people, or weekend intensive classes. What he gives you is that. One on one coaching from your breathing technique, to posture, to all the acting techniques, auditioning and to even encouraging you to be a healthy actor with keeping up with exercising and what you eat. He is not like anyone else I have ever studied with before and i knew during my five minute conversation on the phone when he was explaining his approach that i wanted to be coached by him. I was right. There is no one like him in the New England Area. I am so glad I had the chance to train with him. It made me that much better of an actor." 


-Eli Escobar

Broken Crayons Directing Filmmaking Camera Cinematography

"Ok so I don’t usually post this stuff. But I just got a contract for a new feature. 1 of many this year….Definitely a great acting coach, for serious actors."


- Dennis Hunda

Directing Filmmaking Alessio Cappelletti

"Grateful for the opportunity to work with Alessio and it's been a blast. He is dedicated, knowledgeable and on point. Learning lots!"


- Tony Eng (MIT Professor)

Lights filmmaking directing Alessio Cappelletti

"I had the pleasure of working with Alessio a few times now and I will say that he has a great eye for the work and has a wealth of knowledge concerning a diverse set of techniques that will undoubtedly help you on the the artist's journey."


-Michael Gonza

Lights Cinematography Camera Directing Alessio Cappelletti

"While I have no aspirations to act, but I do believe that as a director, one should understand acting to successfully communicate and work with their actors. Alessio teaches acting from a director's point of view. For me, it has taught me so much about the craft. He not only shows you all the techniques but also teaches it in a way that's detailed and has you thinking about elements of acting that you never thought of before. It's so refreshing to get so much information in just a 4-hour session. I would recommend this class to any actor or director very easily."


-Chris Esper

esra_jury_Alessio Cappelletti Film Festival

“After 4 hours (my first class) with Alessio, I learned more about acting than I had learned my whole life leading up to that. There is so much more that goes into creating a character than you could ever imagine and I am fortunate enough to have found a coach who understands and has the ability and knowledge to get you there. After one class, I have no doubt that it is worth the time and money. If you put the dedication and effort into his teachings you will absolutely not regret it.”


- Talia Cataldo


"Have thoroughly enjoyed working with Alessio. He’s a terrific teacher, and a thoughtful human being. His courses are likely some of the closest you’ll find to a conservatory education outside of a conservatory, with a much more personalized, tailored approach. More than a teacher of trusted techniques, he brings a point of view that only comes from disciplined study and experience."


-Amanda Blattner

Lights Lighting Cinematography Filmmaking Alesso Cappelletti

"I came to Alessio to become a better actor, and that's precisely what happened but just as important I left with a friend and a guide...someone truly interested in seeing me, and my peers, become better actors.

I would put all my faith and trust in Alessio as a dedicated and knowledgeable acting coach. His commitment to all aspects of filmmaking only makes his game stronger, and his understanding of the Masters is truly spectacular.



- Michael Swanson


I’ve been coaching with Alessio since April 2019, and I can’t sing his praises enough; he is a phenomenal teacher! Every step of the way he makes sure that I understand the class material, homework, and his honesty and attention to detail is fantastic and what actors really need to learn and grow. He will let you know when you are doing well and let you know when you need to work a little bit more which is the best combination you could have in a teacher/mentor. His knowledge of acting, both as a craft and as a business, is incredibly vast and every class leaves you with new takeaways. Since taking Alessio’s classes my confidence, both as an actor and as a person, has grown and I’ve gotten more audition opportunities as well as bookings - I’ve booked 3 commercials, 1 industrial, and a supporting role in a short film. My confidence in auditioning, on set, and in my prep for these roles would not be what they are without Alessio’s guidance. If you are serious about acting as a career, don’t wait and contact Alessio ASAP!

-Sara Lynn Maher


"Alessio Cappelletti was the first acting coach I ever worked with and the only negative thing to come out of it is how high he set the bar for any other acting coach I will encounter. I was terribly sad when he moved because I felt I wasn't only losing my coach but a good friend. Acting is all about connection and connecting with your character and certainly connecting with your scene partners and Alessio certainly knows how to do that with his students. Some of my lessons felt like therapy sessions but for me I needed that and Alessio knew it. He knew I harbored emotions in my personal life which was obviously making it difficult to express them genuinely while in a scene and he managed to help me feel again and helped me tap back in to emotions and discover ones I never thought I had. I felt my future was in good hands having Alessio in my corner and I was very sad to see him go. I'd work with him again in a second and encourage anyone else serious about acting to do the same."

-David Gomes


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