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Dodge Cine is not simply an Acclaimed and Award Winning Production Company. Its a home where content is born and expression is honed-- from the conception of in-house projects and the co-producing of external work, to bringing these stories through production and training the actors who are cast, through to finishing each project in Post and finally guiding these gems into distribution; Dodge Cine can excel at and be involved in every step of the way. 

Dodge Cine is not simply a home but a movement to redefine Cinema and its media off-shoots through creating new narrative and aesthetic rules only to break them and further innovate, all while remaining commercially viable with independent sensibilities. Its aim is to move audiences through every creative aspect of filmmaking, Television, Videogames, VR, etc. with a precision that has rarely been seen. Once each project is finished, its focus is not only to ensure profit for its financiers but also to create or align with organizations who’s objective is to invest in communities and infrastructure which better the world and everything within it, that are financially sustainable, and related to the stories at hand. Dodge Cine pulls from its team members and collaborators’ an extensive education in all things Media and Business, with a rigorous vetting and interview process.  Its founders are those who are self made and, through absolute will & skill, have carved out a place in history for themselves.


Dodge Cine offers exclusive and acclaimed services in:
*Writing and Directing

*Acting Training and Coaching (with a two year “Conservatory Alternative” program)
*Producing-- from Execing (securing investment), to creative, to Line Producing.
*Post Production services in Editing, VFX, and Color Grading.
*Consulting and placement for project distribution and exhibition
*Business consulting (with a focus on Strategic Negotiating)

Dodge Cine through its wealth of industry contacts is an international mogul; with collaborators and affiliates in Los Angeles, NYC, New Orleans, Boston, London, Hong Kong and Mexico. This includes people affiliated with Warner Brothers, Netflix, Saturday Night Live, Cannes Film Festival, Tribeca, Berlinale, Toronto, Out Festival, Screen Magazine, New Filmmakers LA, Louisiana Film Channel, Opera America, Lincoln Center, Kyoto Color, Mind The Art Entertainment, Sweet People Productions, American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYC) etc. Its team members and collaborators have been covered by The New York Times, Huffington Post, Time Out NY, Imagine Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Broadway World and have been creators, major department heads and/or collaborators on Multi Million dollar Oscar Winning Hollywood films, internationally acclaimed Indies, Broadway & Off Broadway exhibited theater, and worked with the United Nations.

Dodge Cine is a call to pens, brushes, cameras, microphones, and performances-- to all dreamers and rebels, paupers to princes/princesses, to not simply create entertainment for art 

but to aim higher---

To mold a new world through it.



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